Faced with Tough Decisions…

Have you ever been faced with tough decisions that you really wish you did not have to make? I am facing some of those right now.  It is hard when you are responsible for something so much bigger than you.  I mean it is really easy to make decisions regarding what I want to wear, eat, drink, etc. But when decisions involve people other than  yourself, well then it poses a much larger responsibility.  That is why I always call on the Lord of the universe to lead me in these decisions. Even though they may be hard, it is wonderful to know that Jesus guides me with the Holy Spirit. The hard part in that is to obey Him. That is sometimes very hard to do, especially when it can make the situation seemingly worse. But that is becuase I look at from “my” perspective.  God looks from HIS perspective, an all knowing one. I may not see the end of the path through the forrest, but I sure do trust the path maker! Praise be to God for His incredible provision!

The path through the forrest
The path through the forrest

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