So I have Acid Reflux Disease…yay..

Here is what I take 1 time a day
Here is what I take 1 time a day

Well after years of dealing with burning, burping, gross tastes in mouth I finally went to the Doctor yesterday and it was determined that I in fact do have Acid Reflux disease.  I simply produce too much acid for my stomach to hold.  This is a very common problem and I guess I am not surprised at this diagnosis since my dad and even my mom suffer from the same thing.  I praise God for my wife who urged me to take care of this.  The doctor seemed very encouraged that I am addressing this now rather than when I have a even more complicated disease (ie. cancer..)  So I am taking Aciphex right now (same thing as NEXIUM) and will continue this for 18 days.  After that I will hopefully be able to transition to something a little less powerful (like PRILOSEC).  I guess I am getting older.  Oh well, praise God I still have my brain! Ha.


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