My Son asking, “Is God stronger than…”

Gods Great Strength
God's Great Strength

Lately my son as been asking me all sorts of questions.  He seems to be at that stage now.  Well one of his questions he is constantly asking me is, “Daddy, is God stronger than…” The subject of his comparison could be anything from buildings, to cars, to people, even to me! I always tell him that God is always stronger and can choose to do anything He wants, except go against what He has said.  I find it so interesting at how he is so inquisive about life. It makes me want to be like that more often.  The times I have entered my sons “world”, it is at those times I revisit my childhood.  There is nothing like that feeling.  There is a freedom, curiosity.  When days were long and waiting an hour took FOREVER.  I praise Jesus for my children, becuase without them I would have forgotten what it was like to be a child.

One thought on “My Son asking, “Is God stronger than…”

  1. And doesn’t it give you so much more appreciation for how our Lord sees us as His children? I praise the Lord that having a child (soon to be children) has re-energized my faith in ways I didn’t know possible.

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