The Duggar’s-A Reality Show about a Godly Family…

The Duggar Family
The Duggar Family

I don’t watch much TV.  In fact I watch TV only 1 time a day, right before I go to bed.  I would have to say that it is just not a huge part of my life.  And I am very grateful for that. The great thing about our family is that the TV we do watch is God/Family friendly.  What I mean by that is we strive to honor God with everything we let into our “eye gate”.  I want to focus on a show that I believe is one of the most God honoring.  18 Kids and Counting is a TLC reality show that details the life of a Christian family.  The thing about this family is that the parents have had 18 children.  Now that sounds like a lot, and well, it is.  But, it is not that amazing when you take into account how they live their life.  This family is a Christian family.  Not a family that says they are, they REALLY are.  They want to make Christ known to others.  That to me shows the difference between a someone who professes to be a Christ follower and one who IS.  These people take seriously the call of Christ and the great commission that Christ commanded us believers to carry out.  They do not shy away from what they believe.

Now let me digress for a moment.  I asked in a previous post last week for any of you to name 1 show on television that held the same values as “Little House on the Prarie”.  At the time I could not think of one.  Well the Duggar’s is a prime example of that modern day ‘Little House..’.  But even greater is the fact they genuinely profess Jesus as their Savior. That people is the real deal.

What I pray is that the Duggar’s maintain their dedication to the Lord.  In recent days “Jon and Kate + 8” has turned from a family centered show into somewhat of a real-life drama. I pray the Duggar’s stay focused on why they entered this show in the first place, “To Make Christ Known”.  I believe they are demonstrating to America that when Jesus is the center of the family, the family sticks together like glue.  Let’s hear it for the Duggar’s! God bless them!


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