My Wife, An Amazing Shopper…

I have to tell you all about just how amazing my beautiful wife is at shopping and helping us save literally “hundreds” of dollars on our food needs each month.  It is amazing, but coupons and shopping the sales together can yeild deals that are hard to imagine.  For example: Tuesday night I accompanied my wife and kids to the grocery store and watch her do her thing. She used my trusty pocket in my shirt to hold all of the coupons as we browsed each isle.  After reaching the end of the last isle it was time to head to the cashier and figure out what we owed.  We had a lot of stuff.  I alot of “useful” stuff.  Sometimes you buy things with coupons that you really don’t need.  Well my wife rarely does this as she is a very practical woman.  Anyways, after getting to the end of the scanning of the items, the cashier proceded to scan all of our coupons that had been collecting in my pocket.  After scanning what seemed like 50 coupons, both he and the bagger wanted to see what the grand total was.  In all honesty we spent $117.00 on groceries while saving $100.12 !  We almost cut out bill in half! Amazing.  So I write this in great appreciation to my wife.  She values the money that is on loan to us from God and wants to demonstrate to our children that if you work hard you can create more value in your life.


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