Social Networking….is it for me?

I used to think that the social networking phenom was something that I needed to jump onto.  So I did.  For a little while that is.  During that time I felt that this “new” technology of communication would enrich my life.  Help me stay connected with friends, family, etc.  It did, but then something happened.  Something that always happens with the human spirit, substitution.  I began to let social networking substitute my time for things that in reality are more important.  I will give an example.  It used to be that watching the television was a family event.  People would gather around the television for family programs that would bring them together in many ways.  Actually, even before TV there was Radio.  But in essence people would gather around the radio and participate in stories, news, events, etc.  But over time, the human pre-disposition to addiction took over.  People began to spend 6,8, even 10 hours a day watching the TV.  Obviously this prevented them from doing other, more productive things.  People today are overweight I believe because of this reason.  For me I started really boycotting the television years ago.  But enter social networking: THE NEW ADDICTION.  Fast forward to the last 1.5 years of my life and I will let you know that in that time since I have been on FACEBOOK, WORDPRESS, and TWITTER I have seen hours of my life wasted because I was catching up on other peoples “gossip”, literally.  Let’s all face it, we now have a universal gossip channel for everyone to see our laundry. We do not need tabloids anymore to read about people’s lives.  We are all now celebrities.  In fact, I remember when I went to a seminar regarding social networking and one of the main reasons to do it was for the “fame”.  Looking back on that I fell into the trap.  I began wanting to catch up on peoples “status updates and twitters” just to see if they were struggling, battling with any inner demons.  I have to admit that my flesh wanted something “juicy” to flesh itself out on there.  I needed drama! Is that what I as a Christian needed? Did I need to be in constant judgment of others and what they were doing? Do I need to read what is going on with other people’s lives in their “stream of consciousness”? I  found myself wasting more time than I needed to.  In fact I ended up limiting the accessibility to FACEBOOK at my church (I am the IT director) due to the constant time waster it became for the staff.  I could write more on this, but I believe it would be better suited for a book.  Even right now I am borderline writing in a stream of consciousness.  What ever happened to being careful in what you write? What happened to conservative penmanship? My point is that the Lord Jesus has called all of us be conscious of what we are doing.  To take responsibility for the things we write and say.   Do I really need to share about my failures to everyone? I certainly do not need to hide them from people I trust and know well, but do I need to share them with the entire world? That is the question.  In addition, is it really necessary to communicate about what kind of breakfast I had in the morning? What I did in the last 5 minutes? In my honest opinion a lot of this can be summed up in a video I just watched by Miley Cyrus.  Now mind you, I certainly do not want you to think I am some kind of mega-fan of hers, but I believe she may have hit the nail head on this one regarding Twitter.

Well, I have not decided to drop Twitter and Facebook as of yet.  But I certainly am NOT going to let it take more of my time.  I don’t have enough of that already.  Let me spend it doing the Lord’s work instead.


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