The Miracle of Family

I often overlook God’s amazing talent. If you look at all that He has created and done, it is not hard to just be in awe. But with the business of life, I can overlook His amazing creation. I can also overlook Miracles that happen everyday. I usually associate miracles with large, God sized events: raising the dead, parting the Red Sea, etc. But actually the amazing things that God does are the day to day interactions we have with the world in which we live in. One of those day to day interactions is with my precious family, Jennifer, John Robert, Hannah Mae and Sarah Kate. Those 4 people are the biggest blessings in my life. Jesus uses them to help make me a better person. God uses them to teach me lessons and to help me keep my priorities in check with His great will. They love me regardless of the circumstances, they are my biggest fans, and cause me to draw closer to God. You see, that is the key, if you are involved with anything that draws you AWAY from God, get out of it. The will of God is NEVER for you to be drawn away, but to be drawn IN. Don’t, though, use this as a way of escape. Remember, God knows our hearts and our inner thoughts. He is not fooled. He will judge us accordingly. With that being said, I praise Jesus for my family. I especially praise Him for my wife of 8 years. She is the most amazing woman I have ever known. Her dedication to me and our children inspires me to be a better Husband, Dad and employee. God bless her today and my children. I love you all.


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