My wife…one amazing Woman…

So I just wanted to tell you all about the most amazing woman in my life….Jennifer Patterson.  First of all, she loves Jesus.  I mean she REALLY loves Him.  This was the first thing — of course after her amazing looks 🙂 — that attracted me to her.  She came into the College and Career class I was teaching and told everyone she was there to get into the Word and really DIG in to it.  Love at first sight.  Hard to believe she has been with this bald headed computer geek for the last 10 years.  God definielty gave me the beauty I did NOT deserve!

Secondly, she is an amazing cook. Particularly she is amazing at baking.  It is getting harder as I get older to eat everything she makes.  NOT because of taste, but because I simply don’t have the mechanism to burn off the calories that I used to have.  Well, it still doesn’t stop me from eating her baking though.

She loves her children. She takes mothering seriously. She does not mess around with “trying” or “with appearing” she loves mothering, she REALLY does love mothering her children.  I know this because she considers each one a gift from Heaven.  She simply considers them on loan from God. Their His children first, right people? So she knows that if she loves them like He loves them, they will be better adults.  That’s what we are raising…adults, not children.  She will gladly sacrifice getting a new pair of shoes, new makeup, new anything if it means that she can do something special for her children.  She is very fond of birthdays and special events. The effort she puts into these events demonstrates her incredible devotion to her family. She prioritizes on them. It inspires me to be a better father to them. I learn so much at how to love them by watching her.

She loves me. I can’t believe that she loves me. How did I get so blessed to have such an amazing woman love me? I remember before I met her how I thought I would never marry anyone.  How I would probably never have any children. How God changed my plans. Praise be to Him! I love her because I just can’t help it. Even when we disagree on things I still love her. She is worth far more to me than anything this world affords. The Love of my life that God has given to me. I love her, but even greater than that is that God loves me THROUGH her.

Jennifer, I just wanted to tell you that you will always and forever be my #1 girl.




One thought on “My wife…one amazing Woman…

  1. What a sweet tribute to that beauty of yours. SO beautiful inside and out. You two deserve each other! Love you both!

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