iOS 7


Very excited about this new release and overhaul of the iOS software! Long time coming in my opinion. Some things that I am excited about are:

  • Task manager updated. The current task manager has a lot to be desired. The new one is a direct copy of WebOS which had many great features that included a great task manager. Android’s task manager is NOT anything as good as  what this will be like.
  • Adjusting of settings without having to go into settings. This will save time and effort.
  • Holographic 3d background. Yes, I am excited about that. My son will REALLY be excited about.
  • I have heard some talk negatively about the icons. I disagree, I personally like them. Fresh and clean.
  • AirDrop. This will come in REALLY handy. To be able to drop files to multiple people in a room will really help with sharing photos, sounds, etc.
  • Multitasking will take some getting used to, but I believe it will help with getting work done.
  • I HOPE the revised keyboard layout is as good as the old one. This SINGLE thing converted me to Apple. Android’s keyboard was a total disaster, even with SWYPE (which I never really learned how to use).

I will be interested in how the iPad version of iOS7 will be implemented. Time will tell. Hope it pushes to my iPhone5 sooner than later!


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