meyers-pumpI am thankful for what the Lord had done for me last week. On a very very rainy, dreary day last week after a large tropical system had dropped nearly 4″ of rain I receive a call from around 3 PM from my wife. She tells me that there is no water at home. Several things go through my head, but I try and have her check the circuit breakers to see if any had tripped. None had. So I decided I had to come home and check to see what has happened.

I get home and drive back to the pumps through the soaked mud ground. I can see nothing from sight that there is anything wrong with the pumps. So after parking my truck, which BTW I was supposed to be servicing that evening, I get my tools and take the back of the motor housing off of the pump. Nothing wrong here. Stumped I remove the pump by undoing the removable pump fittings I had put on several weeks ago (one of the best decisions I have made). Setting it up in my shop I find I can get it to buzz, but not start. I tear into it more and still can not find anything wrong. I finally decide that the starting winding on the motor must be fried. After looking at the windings I do find that something has happened on the backside of the motor. It looks like it has been fried by something. I remember the night before and a large lighting bolt striking very near to our house. I believe it fried the motor. Bummed, my son and I venture to my dad’s house and see if he has any motors that I could swap as the pump housing of my pump is perfectly fine (and also perfectly fitted for my well pump piping.) After grabbing a pump that I “think” may work from my dad, we head to Home Depot and proceed to purchase a $300.00 pump. We head back home and stop by by neighbors house to see if he has any pumps that work. After looking at their computer while my neighbor checks for old pumps he has laying around we determine that all of his pumps are too small. All to be had were 1/2 HP pumps and I needed a 1 1/2 HP.  So, we head back to home and proceed to install the new pump.

But, I decide to take one more look at my old pump to see if there is anything I can do. I prayed to the Lord mind you before we went searching for the new replacement pumps but did not see any fruit from those prayers, until now.

When I began to test the windings of the motor I noticed that the starting winding was lacking continuity. I knew there must be some break in the wire, but where? So I decided to tear the windings apart thinking that I had nothing to lose if I broke the motor more. After digging a little while, bam, there it was! Praise the Lord! I proceeded to strip the varnish off the ends fo the wire and twisted them together. I put the motor back together and it start up! Praise Jesus!

After taking it apart again to insure that the connection I made by twisting was secure (soldering them did not work for some reason), I tucked the windings I tore apart and secured them with some black silicone.

Well fast forward about 1 week and it is still pumping like a champ. Man, I am glad God helped me in this! So “Thankful” for His great provision. I hope it holds out for many more years.

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