Deepsea Challenge 3D

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Deepsea Challenge 3D

So you either follow God who created nature or you follow nature as your god. There are no other options. Of course there are many “religions” but for the most part they point to “a” god who created everything. Those that do not believe in “a” god choose to believe that nature created everything around us (Romans 1:18-25). So here lies the internal conflict found in the movie that my son and I went to watch the other night, Deepsea Challenge 3D. 

The movie is incredibly well made (which is no surprise coming from the producer James Cameron). The visuals of the ocean life, the coastal land areas, aerial shots of the seashore are all breathtaking. The 3D filming is among the best I have ever seen. Watching the film I felt myself becoming absolutely sold on 3D film making which I had not been before.

But there was something that spoke to me even more during the film that just made me sad.. denial. Denial that James Cameron had. All the amazing creatures that would fascinate him while he scooted around on the ocean’s floor some 27000 ft below the surface never caused him to acknowledge that God created any of it. I heard his admission that “nature” or “the ocean” created it. Something created it! Even atheists believe that! Be it evolutionary processes or what I believe in which is our loving Lord. The point is everything is HERE NOW. There is irrefutable evidence that we live among many different kinds of animals and life. James seemed to me to in denial of admitting that God made these things that he found so amazing and intriguing. In fact the movie could have been renamed “Deepsea Challenge — the search for cool critters”. He would constantly become enthralled when he would find life at the bottom of the sea. The dust and sediment, rocks and other non-living features would bore him (which it does for everyone else). Which brings me to my point, “we are intrigued by things that are alive”.

I am not going to get into the apologetic reasons why I believe that God exists and that He loved me enough to send His son to die on the cross for my mess ups. But I am going to say that it is NO mistake that we were built for relationships. We find that living creatures fascinate us.

Transparent Sea Cucumber

How they move, look, operate. James finds these creatures compelling and links them with the primary reasons for going to the depths of the ocean. In fact at the end of the movie in the credits the only things that are listed as “discoveries” are the living organisms that were found. Why? Because “LIFE” matters! Life on this planet makes it special among every other planet. It is the only place we know of that has life on it. Why do we find life so intriguing? Why is it so amazing? James does not know the answer to that question. He could propose that we had “evolved” this way. That nature caused us to wonder. Whatever he wants to label the creator of the universe it still does not hide the fact that there was a creator. We find life amazing and intriguing because we were created by God in His image. He finds life amazing, and intriguing. He wants us to live, not die.

So why does James deny the true Creator of the universe? Why does he fail to acknowledge God? What is funny about the film is that even members of his own crew, which he hand picked to develop the sub, acknowledge there is a God to some degree. Even his own WIFE! When James reached the deepest spot on the sea floor, some 36000 ft below, his wife screams into the radio, “Godspeed to you James, Godspeed!” What does that mean to James? Well he does not even reply. What a shame. What a waste of time to go down there looking for these critters and only thinking that some imaginary force of order created them. What a failure to acknowledge the amazing creation that our loving and creative Lord built. Man… how I wish James would raise his white flag of surrender and just admit it!

But he hasn’t, at least not yet. One of the most amazing filmmakers, explorers, leaders of our time. A man driven by the vision to explore and pioneer. Whether it be for curiosity sakes or to stroke his ego (probably a combination of the both), he was able to privately fund and build the most amazing deep sea vehicle ever made. Amazing. But worthless if the credit for this ability is not given to the One who bestowed it on him. What a waste of time to go down there and know in your heart that it is just so impossible that random chance or some unforeseen force of nature, or just sheer “luck” produced these incredible animals. James you are missing the best part of your life! Oh how I could imagine how much more exploration could be done with the attitude of acknowledging there is a God that loves us and wants us to know Him and His creation more! To be the stewards of His mighty work.

James is still alive and still has a chance. A chance to live… I mean to REALLY live. To live with his white flag raised and acknowledge he finally settled it with God. I pray that happens and that if it happens you will see someone who explores with a purpose that is bigger than his own selfish desires. He goes to where no man has gone before for the purpose of showing people that this world deserves more respect than to acknowledge an unforeseen, impersonal, DEAD process called evolution made it. No this amazing place we live on deserves to be credited back to the One I call Jehovah who is ALIVE. The one who’s amazing creativity and generosity makes me ALIVE on this planet to live, love and worship Him. Purpose my friends is found only when you raise your white flag. I hope and pray that those of you who go to see this movie notice the absolute majesty in God’s creation. How superbly He has made everyone and everything. Please don’t insult Him by claiming it was all just a matter of chance. The Lord deserves the recognition He deserves.

God bless  you all.


Philippians 1:21

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