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iOS 7


Very excited about this new release and overhaul of the iOS software! Long time coming in my opinion. Some things that I am excited about are:

  • Task manager updated. The current task manager has a lot to be desired. The new one is a direct copy of WebOS which had many great features that included a great task manager. Android’s task manager is NOT anything as good as  what this will be like.
  • Adjusting of settings without having to go into settings. This will save time and effort.
  • Holographic 3d background. Yes, I am excited about that. My son will REALLY be excited about.
  • I have heard some talk negatively about the icons. I disagree, I personally like them. Fresh and clean.
  • AirDrop. This will come in REALLY handy. To be able to drop files to multiple people in a room will really help with sharing photos, sounds, etc.
  • Multitasking will take some getting used to, but I believe it will help with getting work done.
  • I HOPE the revised keyboard layout is as good as the old one. This SINGLE thing converted me to Apple. Android’s keyboard was a total disaster, even with SWYPE (which I never really learned how to use).

I will be interested in how the iPad version of iOS7 will be implemented. Time will tell. Hope it pushes to my iPhone5 sooner than later!




You should be using Evernote. This application is just a tremendous tool for productivity and organization. First off there is no better way to clip stuff from the web than by using Evernote’s WebClipper. Secondly there is not better way to keep things organized in your notes and documents. It’s cataloging features and meta-tagging system is simply superior. Lastly, it works on everything you own. I don’t have any devices that do not have Evernote installed on them.  If you aren’t using this app, make sure you take a look at it today. You will not be sorry.