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FBCN Sermon Notes from service 3-29-2015

Unmasking your idols:

  • For whom and what do I make sacrifices?
  • If I could have anything or experience what would that be?
  • Who and what makes me the most happy?
  • What one person or thing can I not live without?
  • What do I think about when my mind is in neutral?

Words of affirmation and glory to God:

  • Hosanna!
  • Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord!
  • Peace in Heaven!
  • Glory in the highest!


A “HEDO” List

Is my TODO list my idol? I believe so, because when I have completed it I feel contentment. That should not be. Todo lists are made up of tasks that we put into our lives. Yes, you may say that many of these tasks were not created by us and that may be true, BUT, many of the items on our TODO lists are our own doing. We fill our lives with a lot of STUFF. I believe it would be best to see our lives as our house and how much stuff we actually have inside of it.

Let’s say we have a house that is 20′ x 30′. Some people may have large houses, some smaller, but every house has a certain amount of space to it. If we have to move in this house, then we have to have space to move in. If I begin to fill this house up with STUFF (i.e. projects, pictures, journal entries, blog posts, computer repairs, laundry, shopping, and on and on and on) the house begins to become un-liveable. Such is the problem with almost everyone of us. We fill our houses with too much stuff. Do we really need that much stuff?

STUFF- it causes us to lose focus on what really matters. And that is another story altogether. What DOES really matter? To me it comes down to a simple answer: Whatever Jesus cared about. What did Jesus care about? The short answer is The Will of The Father. That is an obvious one, but is that all He did? What about eating, living, shopping? Did He care about getting gifts for His loved ones on their birthday’s? Did He care about throwing parties for them? Did He care about making sure His clothes were clean? I am not sure. These are interesting questions.

TODO lists are my main idol (among others I am sure of). I live and die by them daily. Instead of a TODO list, I should have a HEDO list. What does HE want me to DO?